Amazing film camera makes picture taking so much easier

Are you confused by all that computer stuff and the wires you need to look at your digital pictures? Well if so have we got something for you, a film camera!

It's never nice to make fun of old people, because hey, one day most of us will be there ourselves. But sometimes you see something that's simply too hilarious to ignore.

The Vivitar Film Camera is being sold as a simpler way to take pictures, without all of the hassle of those confusing digicams. I won't go into the million-plus ways film cameras suck compared to a digital camera, but let's just say that anything which forces old people to hit the road looking for one of the few remaining places that processes film, can't be a good thing.

I remember when Vivitar was a well-respected maker of aftermarket camera lenses (perhaps that makes me old too), but now that the name has been sold to cheap goods peddler Sakar, I expect we will see more of this type of junk.

I think you could build a whole industry making products that appeal to technophobic seniors. How about an amazing new phone that uses a cord to banish pesky reception problems forever! Or an incredible typewriting machine that doesn't need electricity or a computer screen to see what you're writing!

YouTube, via Gearlog

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