Can backing up photos get easier than one button? Try none.

You know you should backup your digital photos — your hard dive is a devastating crash waiting to happen with much misery to follow. But you don't because you're just too damn lazy. Well, Memorex has removed the last major obstacle: the tedium of actually having to do anything.

Instead, just connect one of these Mirror for Photo external hard drives to your PC or Mac (the USB cable provides power) and — without you clicking a single button — the preloaded software goes out and searches for all your photos (via file extension) and automatically copies them, duplicating your file hierarchy.

And if you add photos, the hard drive automatically finds them and backs them up as well. It's just pics, though; if you want to also backup other files you'll have to use some other method (for instance).

All you have to do now is buy one of these really cheap (as in inexpensive) drives: the 320GB drive will hold 64,000 photos (according to Memorex) and costs just $80; the 500GB drive holds 100,000 photos for $100 and the 640GB version holds 128,000 for $120. They just became available at Toys 'R' Us (the drives are really designed for technophobic moms) and will go wide over the next few weeks.

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