Meet the Cri-Cri, the world's smallest electric plane

Looking to go for a quick flight without using any fuel and also don't have any luggage? Well, the Cri-Cri might be just the plane for you. Seating only a pilot, this tiny plane flies entirely using solar power.

Sure, it can only fly for a mere 15 minutes at a time, which won't get you too far, and there's no room for a suitcase, but come on! This, the world's smallest electric airplane, is kind of a marvel of engineering. The fact that a plane can fly on only solar power at all is impressive. Sure, it's not really practical in its current form, but you can bet that the innovations they made to create the Cri-Cri will lead to innovations in airplanes you might actually end up traveling in one day.

Inhabitat via TFTS

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