Massive 23-foot Lego aircraft carrier is Intrepid indeed

Ed "Lego Monster" Diment, with the help of his wife Mrs. Monster (we're not calling her that, mind you — that's her handle!) and fellow Lego enthusiast Mad Physicist has managed to assemble a 1:40 scale model of aircraft carrier USS Intrepid.

Diment's 23-foot creation is mighty impressive all around — it even features 25 aircraft to adorn its deck — but what really blows us away is the sloping underside he had to construct. That looks like a real piece of work!

Peruse the gallery below for more of the Lego Intrepid, including shots of its construction. That, and be sure to visit the end: Diment plans to transport this beastly vessel this weekend's BrickCon in Seattle, and he shows off the massive crates it'll take to do it.

Lego Monster, via Wired, via Neatorama