HP 'personal shopper' touchpanels sighted at NYC Fashion Week

When you hear "fashion," who doesn't think of touchscreen monitors? Wait, no one thinks that — except the wizards at HP, of course! The company partnered with designer Diane Von Furstenberg to introduce interactive touchpanels at her gallery in New York to kick off Fashion Week. And they're actually kind of cool.

Based on HP's TouchSmart technology, each interactive display — which actually comprises three linked panels — allow shoppers to browse various outfits, find out every detail about them, and even rate each garment and accessory. Other vertical touchpanels displayed Furstenberg-related updates from Twitter and Facebook.

The panels are just in the New York gallery for now. Flipping through a few of the fashions on HP's panel, I found the concept to be more useful than a catalog, though it's more of a gimmick than anything that might revolutionize boutique shopping. Get a Kinect in there, and maybe we'll be talking.

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