Massage game uses Wii to let you grope virtual dates for fun

The recent Tokyo Game Show revealed a great new crop of gaming titles, but in terms of "only in Japan" weirdness it's the Wii-enabled LovePress virtual massage system that delivered the creepy otaku oddness we've come to expect from the event.

Developed by coders at the Kanagawa Institute Of Technology, the game allows you to select the type of virtual girlfriend you'd like (with voice stylings that include downtown tough girl to fawning Betty Boop-type) and then allows you to massage the virtual girl via the Wii Balance Board. And, because Japanese otaku like feeling a bit naughty, the characters can even respond with phrases like "No, I believe you are gentle..." or "Stop! Where are you touching?" Practicing how to get to first base has never been more fun! You can find out more about the system here.

Via Asiajin

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