Japan gets billboards that can recognize you, terrifyingly enough

One of the cooler pieces of future-tech shown off in the movie Minority Report were the ads that recognized people and gave them personalized messages. I mean, they were incredibly creepy, but cool in a fantasy situation. Guess what? They're becoming real.

A new vending machine in the Shinagawa train station in Tokyo has a 47-inch touchscreen and a camera on its front. When someone steps up to use it, the camera determines the person's gender and age and recommends a drink that fits their "profile."

I'm not quite sure what sodas a 21-year-old girl likes that a 34-year-old man wouldn't, or that soda preferences are gender- or age-specific, but at least it's not getting super personal, yet. But it's clear that it's not going to take long for setups like this to remember repeat customers and build a profile about them and their habits without their permission. And that's just a bit too much for me.

Via Wall Street Journal

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