Image of the Day: A 1930s robot that yodels

From the April 1939 issue of Popular Science magazine comes a "radio man" who walks, talks and yodels. Here's what they had to say about Swiss engineer, August Huber's creation:

TOWERING seven feet high, a strange "radio man" has just been completed after ten years of arduous work by August Huber, a Swiss engineer. Beneath its jointed steel body, the gigantic mechanical man is a maze of automatic switches, relays, and other controls. Microphones within the automaton's' ears pick up spoken commands and carry them to an intricate system of twenty electric motors that make the fantastic creature walk, talk, sing, or yodel at the will of its master. Power for these various activities is supplied by batteries concealed in the ponderous legs. When this modern monster talks through the loudspeaker installed in its chest, its lips move in time with its speech. An ultra-short-wave receiver installed in its torso enables the "radio man" to follow orders transmitted to it by radio from remote points.


Modern Mechanix

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