Here's what $200k speakers look like

This year's winners of the most ridiculously priced speakers is a tie: the four-way "absolute reference" Focal 3 Grande Utopia EM at $180,000 a pair, and the slightly more ostentatious KEF Muon (pictured above) at… drum roll, please, for the tote board change… $198,000 a pair!

Compared to the hulking and brooding F, the Muon, molded from "super-formed aluminum" — the process uses malleable sheets of heated aluminum to form Muon's wavy shape — is a funhouse mirror, sleek and happy.

If you're in the Bill Gates tax bracket (and can avoid the proposed rescinding of the Bush tax breaks to pick up the extra dough you'll obviously need for these), act fast; there are only 100 pairs of the limited edition Muon, which KEF coyly calls "perhaps the most extraordinary audio speaker ever conceived." Perhaps? For nearly $200k, they'd better induce aural orgasms.

How do they sound? Got me. You don't actually drive a Rolls Royce Phantom in actual traffic, do you? As you can see in the picture, the Muon was actually roped off like a Michaelangelo sculpture. But there will be some folks with WAAAAAAY too much money who'll claim they can hear angels dancing on the heads of pins through them.

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