$3 million garage parks your car for you

The parking garage in "The Cube" in London is so advanced that, according to the BBC, there's only two of them in the world. That's probably because it's darn fancy, using a complex automated system to park cars.

The garage, which is actually 65 feet underground, looks little more than a one-care-wide alley you drive into. Then you park at the end of it and get out, at which point the ground under your car lowers — revealing it to be an elevator — and your car is lowered out of sight and whisked away to its own spot. The garage even rotates the car in the process so that when it brings it back to you you can just drive forward, right out of said alley.

The garage was built by a German firm and cost nearly $3.2 million. No word on how much it costs to park there, but we're betting it's not the cheapest place you can find. Instead of a ticket you're given an entry key. We imagine you don't want to lose that.

You can see a video of the garage in action here.


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