Digital measuring tool aims to make rulers obsolete

Old-fashioned rulers and measuring tapes are oh so 19th century compared to this nifty hand-worn electronic measuring tool.

People naturally tend to use their hands when describing the size of objects, so the Smart Finger allows you to toss a little objectivity and accuracy into the description. You simply slip the two halves onto whichever fingers work best for what you're trying to measure. A signal is sent between the devices, and the time taken creates a reading for the distance. The distance is then displayed on the side of one of the fingers. Other tools include volume and area calculations, and a way to switch between metric and US measuring units.

I've seen similar measuring tools that use ultrasound or lasers for measuring, but they require a flat reflective surface to work. The Smart Finger is perfect anything you would normally 'measure' with your hands, and just might put an end to those exaggerated fish stories your fishing buddies always tell.

Designed by Choi Hyong-Suk, Jung Ji-hye, and Yoo-Jin Park, the Smart Finger is currently a concept.

Yanko Design, via Wired Gadget Lab

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