About time: a waterproof camera that floats

Waterproof cameras are nothing new, but most of them will end up in Davy Jones' Locker if you lose your grip on them out on the water. Now, in a seemingly obvious move, someone has finally made one that floats.

The Speedo Aquashot may seem pretty basic as a picture taker with its 5-megapixel resolution and 4X digital zoom, but at least you'll still have your camera and pictures at the end of the day. Available in lurid green and a fetching shade of pink, the bright colors will help you to find your missing camera as it bobs along out on the waves. It's only waterproof down to about 9-ft, so this is more suited to catching some surfing shots, than becoming part of your diving gear. You can also use it to capture VGA quality video of that 10-second surf barrel you snagged.

The Speedo Aquashot is available from Amazon.uk for £89 (about $137).

Via ChipChick

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