DVICE is looking for writers in New York and San Francisco

Just what the headline says: DVICE is looking for writers in both New York and San Francisco. If you live for amazing new gadgets, great design, and big breakthroughs in technology — and have experience writing — you should pay attention. The job is challenging, but worth it. Think you have what it takes? Read on.

About the job: The selected applicants will need to get up early and jump on hot tech news as it's happening, deciphering it succinctly for non-geeks and always be ready to insert hard-hitting analysis and commentary when called for. Going to tech-related press events, reporting from the field, and meeting with PR reps will all be regular occurrences. There will also be a fair amount of hands-on reviews of gear.

About you: You're immersed in technology. You have a strong yet nuanced opinion on the iPhone vs. Android battle. Apple keynotes make you feel all tingly. Browsing a collection of concept renderings of future technology is how you like to spend your lunch hour. You're an avid reader of technology sites, tweet with price, have experience writing for an online audience, and know the difference between less and fewer. You have a laptop, smartphone and HDTV. You're up for a challenge and take constructive criticism well. And you live in either the New York City or San Francisco area.

How to get the gig: Send an email to editor@dvice.com with a resume and cover letter that outlines your experience and why you're the perfect person for the job. A test will follow. And possibly stalk you.

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