DARPA wants portable atomic clocks to keep their stuff in sync

Those cloak and dagger guys at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), are looking for someone with the skills required to build them some portable atomic clocks.

I realize that there are a bunch of so called "atomic clocks" that you can buy online for a few bucks, but this isn't quite what they have in mind. Those cheap jobs simply lock in to the radio signal from the actual NIST atomic clock in Colorado, while what DARPA wants is a smallish version of the real thing that they can move from place to place. These devices are typically off by less than a second in six million years.

Exactly what they need them for is a bit hazy, but it has something to do with ultra-accurate synchronization of GPS and Internet security protocols through a DARPA program called QuASAR (Quantum Assisted Sensing and Readout).

There's still time if you plan to submit an entry.

NetworkWorld, via PopSci.com

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