Look what happens when you cross a skateboard with a tank

Skateboards are fun on mirror smooth surfaces and tanks can go just about anywhere, so why not combine the best parts of both in an awesome off-road powered skateboard?

That's the thinking behind the DTV Shredder, the powered skateboard that can handle just about any type of terrain. Created by Ben Gulag, the guy behind that crazy single-wheeled motorcycle, the DTV Shredder was designed for the military, although sales for recreational use are expected to start soon.

Powered by a 200cc four-stroke Honda engine, the DTV Shredder can hit 30 mph and climbs a 40-degree slope. In addition to carrying a rider, it can be easily converted to remote-control operation and will even pull a small trailer.

The best part is that unlike that similar-looking concept we saw last month, this is a real product that's almost ready for production. Price is expected to be around $4,900.

BPG Werks, via Gizmodo

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