Clever faucet lets you ditch the measuring cup

Anyone who cooks knows that many recipes call for a precise amount of water. Normally that means busting out the measuring cup, but with this slick faucet that chore is history.

The No More, No Less faucet concept from designer Jasper Hou has a knob where you dial in the exact amount of water you want, checking it on the LCD screen built right into the spout. You then let the water flow and it will shut off once your precise level is reached. The display also lets you know the temperature of the water and the total amount of water used.

The display is actually powered by the spinning paddle which measures the water flow, so no electrical hookup is required, while an automatic 30-second shutoff timer ensures that you don't waste too much precious water. That part might be a pain if you're washing dishes, although I suppose any kitchen with a faucet this high-tech will probably also have a dishwasher.

The No More, No Less faucet is currently just a concept.

Yanko Design, via Wired Gadget Lab

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