Experimental submarine is designed to stop typhoons

All right, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets! In this corner we have the typhoon, one of Mother Nature's most destructive forces at sea. In the other? Sleek Japanese subs, specially designed to lessen the effect of said typhoon. Who will win?

If the idea of a typhoon-squashing sub sounds crazy, the grand plan on how to do it may be even crazier: Japanese manufacturing firm Ise Kogyo wants to build 20 subs that would go to where a typhoon is forming and spray cool water everywhere. Apparently typhoons require warm water on the surface to form, and cooling that a few degrees may not stop them outright, but it could lessen the storm.

The idea of using ships to cool an area of water for this exact kind of prevention isn't new, though there are obviously dangers — and a high cost — involved. I mean, are those subs going to be doing anything else, or will they just be there to stop the typhoon? It's a noble cause to be sure, but subs don't grow on trees, folks!

Asiajin, via Gizmag

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