Buy yourself one legit, non-working Stargate

Stargate SG-1 may no longer be on the air, but its props are still kicking around. So if you've ever wanted to own an X-699 rifle or, you know, a real Stargate from the show, now's your chance.

Yes, Propworx is holding a massive Stargate auction this coming weekend, and you can either bid in person in Seattle at the Experience Music Project or bid online to get your hands on costumes, props, sets and production stuff.

The Stargate above is Lot 51, created for the original pilot for SG-1. It was used whenever a gate existed outside of Stargate Command. It's made of fiberglass and is mounted on a welded steel frame, and those lights all work. It is going to be very expensive, probably. But I don't think you're gonna have another chance to buy a real-deal Stargate anytime soon, so, you know.

Via Stargate Artifacts

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