BlackBerry unveils its iPad-targeting PlayBook tablet

This is clearly the year of the tablet, with every major player prepping some sort of competitor to Apple's iPad. The latest: BlackBerry, with the PlayBook tablet.

This 7-inch touchscreen device has its very own BlackBerry Tablet OS, is a mere 0.4 inch thick and looks pretty slick. Powered by a 1GHz dual-core CPU and 1GB of RAM, it will support 1080p HD video and Flash 10.1.

How will this compete with the iPad? Apps will clearly be a big question mark, so depending on how BlackBerry plans to get those on the PlayBook it could go a number of ways. But BlackBerry hasn't had great luck with touchscreen devices or really anything outside of their core business of email-oriented smartphones. Will the PlayBook break the cycle or just continue it? Time will tell.

BlackBerry PlayBook, via Gizmodo

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