Apple may be bringing FaceTime to Macs and PCs

Apple's FaceTime video chat that's built into iPhones and new iPod Touches is neat, but it's got a couple of issues holding it back. First, the fact that you need to be on Wi-Fi makes it difficult to predict when someone will be available to FaceTime with you. And having it only work on such a limited number of products makes things tough as well. At least Apple looks to be fixing at least one of these.

Rumor has it that Apple is currently working on FaceTime software that would work on both Macs and PCs with webcams. That would allow you to videocall someone sitting in their office from your phone, greatly expanding the number of potential FaceTimers out there.

It'd be a welcome addition, to be sure. But really, let people make FaceTime calls over 3G already, Apple and AT&T.

Mac4Ever via Apple Insider

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