X-Dream Gyroxus gaming chair is a throne for the king of the nerds

How serious about gaming are you? Are you much, much too serious about it? Well then, the X-Dream Gyroxus gaming chair was designed with you in mind, my unbalanced friend.

This ridiculous-looking chair wouldn't be out of place on the set of a low-budget sci-fi movie, but it's really intended to live in your house. It's available for the Xbox 360, PC, PS3, PS2 and Wii, all with unique configurations for each for some reason. I would think that someone willing to spend close to $650 on a gaming chair would use more than one system, but I digress.

The chair turns and tilts as you game, supposedly letting you get more immersed in the action. Hey, fair enough, I guess. Just know that you'll have to explain the presence of this thing to every guest who comes over from here on out.

Chip Chick via Slippery Brick

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