World's largest tidal turbine will power 1,000 homes

This is the AK-1000, which, when it's deployed this summer in Scotland, should be the world's largest tidal turbine. It just so happens that it'll also be the world's most powerful, able to power 1,000 homes as it harnesses the power of Scotland's choppy waters.

Built by the Singapore-based Atlantis Resources Corporation, the AK-1000 is quite the renewable energy beast, weighing 130 tons and standing over 70 feet tall. It's capable of generating a full megawatt per hour (by comparison, some of the world's largest wind turbines crank out upwards of seven), and it's designed to be heavy-duty enough to survive in the turbulent waters off the coast of Scotland.

Up above you can see the AK-1000 as it looks before it's deployed in the water.

Bloomberg, via Inhabitat