Wild Mexican stadium looks like an erupting volcano

French architects Jean Marie Massaud and Daniel Pouzet of Studio Massaud took a cue from volcano for their new soccer stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico, complete with a canopy over the stadium looks like a cartoonish ring of smoke. The stadium's green good looks aren't just for show, either.

If you're going to put that much green on a building, it better have some environmentally friendly features. The Mexican stadium doesn't disappoint. It uses collected rainwater to keep the pitch of the field fresh, a naturally ventilated parking garage and features efficient lighting that compliments the plenty of sunlight let into the structure.

The stadium opened toward the end of last month, though it could take another two years for the full effect of what the architects have planned to take root, as the growth on the building continues to grow. Check out more of the stadium in the gallery below.

Via Inhabitat
Extra images via Skyscraper City

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