Virgin Galactic enlists 'space agents' to sell $200,000 tickets to space

It's been buzzed about for years, but Virgin Galactic is now officially selling tickets to space (or, "space," if you prefer). The price is the expected $200,000, which you can get book either through Virgin or an "accredited space agent." Wait, what?

There's not a lot of info on who or what these space agents are; Virgin's site only says, "They have been specially selected and trained by us to handle all aspects of your spaceflight reservation," and clicking on the space-agent booking link doesn't take you anywhere. If common sense is any guide, they're probably some kind of glorified travel agent, though presumably one that can answer space-specific travel questions like how likely you are to vomit, how the trip compares to Xtraordinary Adventures' $95,000 ticket to space, and what sort of Star Fleet insignia to wear.

If you were wondering if it's OK to have sex in space, Sir Richard Branson himself answered that one for us a while ago.

Virgin Galactic, via New Launches

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