Verizon to deliver streaming TV to the iPad, but there's a catch

How does a million billion cable channels on your iPad sound? That's right, you'd be able to watch television as it happens — none of that waiting-for-networks-to-post-it-on-the-app business. Your iPad is now as good as your TV! (In a far too literal way.)

Just like your TV, your iPad isn't going to work unless you're sitting around your house. That's because the TV streaming service comes by way of Verizon's FIOS network and needs the FIOS set-top box to work. What's even more of a bummer is that you have to be a FIOS subscriber to make it happen.

Still, there's one interesting prospect here we can all appreciate. If Verizon can get this app off the ground — it still has to talk with the networks and content providers to make sure the idea sits well with them — that means we could see companies getting more comfortable with the idea of streaming television content to other devices than a television.

Hulu already opened the door there a little bit, but we've yet to take the plunge into a world where you can sit on the bus and enjoy the cable service you're paying for at home on your phone.

Gizmodo, via PC World

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