This outdoor movie theater spins around as you watch

The Multi Mill is Dutch-based NL Architects's attempt to combine a theater and cinema space with a waterfront lounge area. This isn't just any theater though — this one spins round and round as you watch. Perhaps most cool of all is that it may really be built.

The Multi Mill won a design competition to turn a harbor in Amsterdam into an entertainment area. It has a small seating area for people to watch a film or a live performance, all the while the background will slowly be changing as the space rotates.

So, thanks to that win, if the architects can figure out the technical realities of this project, Amsterdam could have itself a rotating theater. How one gets on and off of it has us scratching our heads a little — especially someone in, say, a wheelchair — and that catwalk looks kind of troublesome.

I mean, there's a parking lot right there. What if it smacks into one of the cars?

NL Architects, via Co.Design

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