Spy Stick lets you steal data from any iPhone

This innocent looking USB drive has only one purpose, to download and copy most types of data stored on an iPhone. That means everything including your text messages, voice memos, photos, GPS tracking info, and web searches can be copied quickly be anyone who gets access to your phone for a few minutes.

Luckily, it looks like there are a few things that the Spy Stick won't copy, including your calling history and email, but this is still pretty scary stuff. Maker Brickhouse Security calls it a data recovery tool, but also points out that it can be used to "catch a cheating spouse" or to "monitor your kid's iPhone use", and the name Spy Stick leaves little doubt about what it's for.

To use the Spy Stick, you need to connect both the iPhone and the Spy Stick to a Windows PC, and then you can copy away. The current version only works with iOS 3.x, with an iOS 4 version coming in September.

The iPhone Spy Stick is available now for $199.

Brickhouse Security, via TUAW

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