Speech to text glasses let the deaf read what you're saying

A lot of deaf people learn to read lips, but that's got to be a tough learning curve, with inexact results at best. Wouldn't if be great if you could simply give the hearing impaired a written transcript of what you're saying in real time?

That's the idea behind the Babel Fisk (fisk is Danish for fish) glasses concept from Danish designer Mads Hindhede. Microphones built into the frame pick up the voice of a person in your line of sight, then an embedded speech to text program creates text that is projected onto the inside of the lenses.

Another feature lets you record the text to a flash memory card for later use, which would be great if you're the type of person who tends to sleep through meetings or boring lectures.

Let's just hope the production version doesn't turn everything into Danish like in the picture.

MSH Design, via Yanko Design

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