Scoot over, bullet trains! Jet-powered school bus goes 367mph

Indy Boys Inc, an Indianapolis-based group of gear-heads, has fitted a jet engine from a warplane to an iconic yellow school bus. It may not be the fastest ground vehicle out there, but at 367mph and with its 80-foot-long plume of flame, it's quite the sight.

The bus guzzles a whopping 150 gallons of fuel in a quarter of a mile thanks to its 42,000 horsepower jet engine, which was taken from a Phantom fighter jet. Indy Boy Paul Stender, the mastermind of the project, said that while it's not supposed to get kids to and from school, it is supposed to impress them. "I guess this is my revenge for all those days riding on the slow journey to school, now it goes at my kind of pace," he said.

While it still looks like the kind of bus you and I are used to, Stender estimates that only 5% of the original vehicle is left. The entire thing had to be reworked as a bus would come apart under the pressure put on it by a jet engine like this.

"I built the bus for two reasons. The first is to entertain people because, come on, it's a jet bus," Stender said, concluding, "The second, is to keep kids off drugs. Jets are hot, drugs are not."

Telegraph, via Auto Motto

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