Sleek pedal-powered submarine is built for racing

French-born Stéphane Rousson is no stranger to weird, pedal-powered vehicles. In 2008, he tried to fly across the English Channel pedaling a blimp. Now, he's teamed up with designer Minh-Lôc Truong to create the Scubster, a pedal sub designed for racing.

Rousson is looking to enter the craft into the International Submarine Race, where it'll be pedaled against other human-powered submarines. The Scubster is what's known as a wet sub in that it's not completely sealed. To pilot it, you need to wear a wetsuit and scuba gear.

The Scubster isn't going 20,000 leagues under the sea, though. It can go down to depths of 20 feet and — depending on how sturdy your legs are — speeds up to six miles an hour.

Still, it looks darn cool. Check out more of the Scubster in the gallery below.

Toxel, via Coolest Gadgets

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