OLED glasses are your own personal 3D home theater

Carl Zeiss has been making their Cinemizer video glasses for a few years, but now they added 3D capability for home theater and gaming applications.

The Cinemizer Plus video glasses have a tiny 16:9 format OLED screen in each eyepiece, with a native resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The resulting field of view is the same as watching a 45-inch screen from a distance of about 6.5 feet, so it should be a pretty cinematic experience. A small external box connects to a variety of playback sources including recent iPods and iPhones, along with many other phones and video players, various game consoles, laptops, and Blu-ray players.

One nice touch is that eyeglass wearers have a separate diopter adjustment for each eyepiece, so you won't be trying to wear them on top of your regular glasses as with some of those shutter glasses for 3D TV sets.

Battery life is about 4 hours which covers most movies, and the battery is charged through its USB connection. Still, this sounds like the perfect entertainment companion for any longish airline trip.

The Cinemizer Plus glasses are available now for about $390.

Carl Zeiss, via TechChee

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