Nike patents Back to the Future-style auto-tying shoes

It takes a lot to get us excited about a shoe patent, but Nike found the magic words: "automatic lacing system." Think the ease of Velcro, but with the cool of a hoverboard.

It's fitting that Nike is the company to come out and patent the design as it was the one and the same that brought us Back to the Future II's Nike "Air Mags." If the company has its way, the shoes would be powered by an internal battery pack and, at the touch of a button, would tighten around the feet of the wearer.

So, when can we expect these? No word, of course, though Back to the Future II took place in 2015, so we figure Nike's got five years to crank these out before we come after them.

Oh, and Nike — if you're wanting for a place to start, look here.

Via NiceKicks

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