New display tech will make the Apple Retina Display look low-rez

Apple is justifiably proud of their so called "retina display", but a new display technology promises to make it look like about as sharp as a worn out 1977 Sylvania Superset.

This picture might look fuzzy, but that's because it's a super magnified image of an incredibly tiny area. About six of these University of Michigan logos would fit in the width of a single human hair. This makes the pixels about eight times smaller than the iPhone's, and would allow for a full HD 1920 x 1080 display that was smaller than a postage stamp.

The technology is called a nanoresonator, and uses nano-thin sheets of metal with a precisely spaced grid of slits that can trap or release light depending on its wavelength. An added benefit is that no color filters are needed, making the nanoresonator display much more efficient than current LCDs.

The developers from the University of Michigan (no surprise) say the displays can be made to be flexible, and would be useful for projection displays in addition to very small high-rez applications.

No word on when nanoresonator displays might show up in actual products you can buy.

Pop Sci, via Linux For Devices

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