NASA decides Canada is the perfect substitute for space

To train for future missions to space, NASA needs a place that's as close as possible to the barren landscape of a distant planet. Now they think they have found the perfect spot, on a remote island in the Canadian Arctic.

The Haughton Meteor Crater is over 1800 miles due north of the USA-Canada border on Devon Island, and as you can see it's pretty barren up there. In fact the North Pole is only about 1000 miles away.

In a series of tests being run this week, scientists from the Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA's Ames Research Center in sunny California, are testing out various robotic systems, and working out the kinks for a possible future mission to Mars.

The Haughton-Mars Project 2010 is scheduled to run through August 8th.

Via Cnet News

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