Man watches helplessly on his iPhone as his home is burglarized

Here's good way to ruin a vacation. Vincent Hunter from Dallas was vacationing in Connecticut, when his iPhone notified him of some activity inside his home back in Texas.

Hunter's phone was running an app called iCam, which monitors several webcams in his house, and sends a notification if motion is detected by any of them. He can then call up the camera's live image on the iPhone.

That's great if you want to keep tabs on your dog, but imagine the shock when he saw a couple of thugs trying to break into his house. Hunter immediately called 911 to notify the Dallas cops, around the same time as his home security system was making an automated call. He then sat and watched as the burglars smashed a brick through his glass door.

It's not clear is whether the thieves got away with any loot, but Hunter was able to watch as the cops arrived, guns drawn, exactly two minutes after the baddies had made their getaway. They remain at large.

iCam is available in the Apple App Store for $4.99

Dallas News, via TUAW

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