Is this the computer mouse of the future?

The venerable computer mouse has a problem: No matter how perfect its contours may be, it still could lead to repetitive stress injuries if you use it for too long. That's why one Chicago inventor dared to reinvent the way we point and click, and his novel design is finally for sale.

The SmartFish ErgoMotion Laser Mouse isn't like other mice. Instead of laying flat in one plane, the mouse is mounted on a pivoting base, letting it respond to your hand's natural up and down movements. The freedom of movement is said to be more comfortable, thus cutting down on those RSIs. While touchscreens and trackpads can achieve similar goals, the ErgoMotion doesn't require you to re-learn how to point and click from scratch.

When we first saw the SmartFish ErgoMotion mouse (then called the Tru:Motion) we found it "surprisingly natural," though we were a little concerned that the pivoting mechanism was one more thing that could break. Still, we'd certainly be willing to try anything that would make those marathon Civilization-playing sessions more comfortable. And for just $50, why not?

SmartFish, via Geek Alerts

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