Is nanotechnology the next big thing for HDTVs?

It seems like there's a new buzzword coming from the TV industry every year, each designed to make you think the TV you bought last year just won't cut it anymore: LCD, LED, 240Hz, 3D. The latest? NANO lighting technology.

That's what LG is pushing with its upcoming LEX8, a top-end backlit LED HDTV. LG claims that there's some fancy nanotechnology in the backlighting of the set that produces "brighter, clearer and smoother" pictures, all in a TV that's a mere .34 of an inch thick.

Nanotech or not, that's a damned thin TV. Whether or not it's better than your current TV, well, I guess we'll just have to wait to see it in person.

LG via Gizmodo

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