Infographic teaches 35 'life hacks' we could all use

This may be the most diverse and useful infographic we've come across in a long while. Ever wonder how to get a job as a beer taster? Rid yourself of acne? Get free porn in a hotel room? It all awaits you!

Here's a few of our geeky favorites:

  • At Shell gas stations, if you press the button on the air pumps (you know, where you fill up your tires) three time, you won't have to put in coins to get air.
  • In an elevator, pressing the button for your floor as well as door close button at the same time will take you straight there.
  • Instead of paying to replace a lost phone charger, go to a hotel and tell them you left your charger there. It's often the #1 item left behind and you can rummage through a bin of dozens to see if any fit your phone.
  • Want to chill a canned drink in around three minutes? Put them in a bucket with ice, two cups of salt and water. That should do the trick.

Check out the full-size image here for more.

theirtoys, via Geekologie

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