Image of the Day: 133 people survived this terrible plane crash

It's 1999. The pilot of American Airlines Flight 1420 attempts to land during a severe thunderstorm in Arkansas. Things go from bad to worse in the face of terrible crosswinds and a decision to switch runways, and the craft ends up in half — yet 133 people live.

Looking at an image like that, you'd think that no one walked away from that crash, let alone 133 people. Only 10 people didn't make it as well as the pilot.

According to Wired, more than just the weather caused the crash, as after switching which runway to land on at the last moment, "The pilots neglect to use the automatic braking system and spoilers on the wings that aid in slowing down the airplane after landing. After sliding past the end of the pavement, the airplane hits the structure that holds the lighting system for guiding pilots to the runway."

Wired's got a few other amazing crashes to check out, but this one really stood out to us.

Via Wired

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