Image of the Day: the 25-cent 'gliding bike' you could buy in 1931

Looking at this hilariously anachronistic ad for a Glide-O-Bike from 1931, one imagines a whole hell of a lot of disappointed Depression-era kids. And possibly a few injured ones.

Even the little boys who took the trouble to build one most likely didn't go on to create their own "airports," as the ad suggests. Instead of some ET-like fantasy of flying bikes, probably the best a young "Fellow" could hope for is raising the front wheel off the ground, thus eliminating that pesky ability to steer.

Reading the full text, it's reassuring to see the fake-testimonial tactic was as common then as it is in spam mailboxes today. It's the "dandiest" thing you've ever owned, T. Wendell of Springfield, Mass.? Really? Not those pants or that driving cap?

Anyone ever ever build one of these or hear of it working?


Via Plan59

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