Image of the Day: $290,000 bridges built just for mice

We've all seen the sad remains of animals next to busy highways. So how far would you go to prevent that? Across the pond in Europe, they've gone as far as to erect three bridges that costs over $290,000 and are only for scurrying little mice.

The mouse in question is the dormouse, which lives in an area that's being threatened by a highway expansion, from the sounds of it. The bridges are made out of a reinforced mesh that's easy for the mice to traverse, though whether or not the creatures are taking advantage of this offering is unknown.

What is known, however, is that the South Wales locals feel like the bridges were far too expensive: "They may have good intentions but this bill is unjustifiably large and in these straitened times they should have explored less expensive ways of protecting these creatures."

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Check out another picture of this bridge by clicking on the image below.


Via DailyMail

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