Give your gadgets a sugar rush with a glucose powered fuel cell

A new type of fuel cell points to a future where gadgets could be powered by the same fuel as 10 year old kids - sugar!

Anyone who has hosted a kids birthday party knows that sugary soda can generate vast amounts of energy, the trick is in turning a human biological process into something that generates usable electricity.

In a report presented to the American Chemical Society, Dr Shelley Minteer say that the Mitochondria Fuel Cell works with either sugary liquids or vegetable oil, and generates electricity through a process similar to that used by the human body. Minteer and his colleagues have successfully tested the device, but say it will need further development before it can be applied commercially.

Let's just hope a cellphone powered by sugar doesn't get all hyped-up and uncontrollable like most kids after a trip to McDonald's.

Newswise, via Habitat

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