Futuristic prototype helicopter promises to be world's fastest

The Sikorsky X2 isn't even a finished vehicle yet and it's already broken the rotorcraft speed record of 249 mph set in 1986 — though just barely. Then again, at 258 mph, the X2 is just getting started.

The first thing anyone notices about the X2 — Sikorsky, it's worth noting, was founded by rotorcraft pioneer Igor Sikorsky in 1925 — is its double-decker, triple quadruple blade design. It's also got a six-bladed prop in the back, and it's all designed to give the craft excellent handling even at high speeds.

The X2 will definitely need that kind of control, as the designers want it cruising at over 285 mph by the time they're done. That'd be over 100 mph faster than, say, an Apache attack chopper, which tops out at around 175 mph.

Check out more of the X2 in the gallery below.

Sikorsky, via Jalopnik

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