Ford SYNC will soon let you download options for your car

Ford's SYNC system has made their cars into rolling Wi-Fi hotspots, and now there are plans to leverage that capability by allowing owners to download various options for their cars.

Just as the iPhone App store lets you add features to your phone, Ford's online store will offer upgrades for SYNC equipped vehicles. For example, there could be additional features you can get for the navigation system, or a way to add XM/Sirius satellite radio service. There's even talk of allowing owners to download sportier transmission shifting modes for their car, or to customize the power seat settings online.

It sounds like Ford's is really working hard to keep their cars on the technological cutting edge, but I wonder if this might open a whole new can of worms. Wherever there are computers and Wi-Fi networks, there are soon hackers and I would be concerned that some local kid would be trying to find a way to open the doors and start the engine from his iPhone.

At first the options will be limited to the car's "infotainment" gear, which sounds like a good plan at least until they get a better handle on the system's vulnerabilities.

Wall Street Journal, via Gizmodo