Eight-rotor UAV is a paparazzi dream machine

Snapping pictures of celebrities used to mean risking your life climbing a tree or getting arrested for trespassing. Wouldn't it be much easier if you could simply fly your camera overhead and snap shots to your heart's content?

This new eight-rotor UAV from Draganflyer should do the trick. With a payload capacity of over two pounds, the X8 can be equipped to carry various types of surveillance gear aloft, including both still and video cameras. An onboard GPS system tracks up to 16 satellites at a time to pinpoint its location, while a bunch of gyros, accelerometers, and magnetometers ensure that you don't crash into anything unexpected.

Built largely from carbon fiber, the X8 weighs less than four pounds and is operated using a computerized controller that can also receive and display data directly from the onboard video equipment. Once you're done snooping, the X8's rotor arms fold up against the body, making it easy to stash in your trunk.

Price is "on request" only, but when you consider that the smaller X6 model starts at around $15k, I expect you're looking at luxury-car money for this one. While police and military applications seem like the most likely users, I'm sure you could use this to grab some Lindsay Lohan rehab pics that would more than pay for it.

Draganfly, via Gizmodo

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