Cute robot serves up ice cream for Japanese kiddies

This is Yaskawa-kun, a cute Japanese robot with a giant white ball for a head. He's currently got a summer job serving ice cream at the Tokyo Summerland amusement park, the only problem is that he will be getting his pink slip on August 22.

Yaskawa-kun has a touch screen where you enter what flavor, size, and toppings you want, then he goes about his work making the frozen treat before handing it to you. That's all very cute, but it must have taken a lot of work to program.

Robot maker Yaskawa sees this as a promotional opportunity, showcasing the sort of intricate operations their machines can perform. I just hope there's a Japanese worker willing to take his place after he leaves.

The video shows Yaskawa-kun in action, but I'll warn you, the soundtrack is a young child singing a Japanese version of the Torreador Song from the opera Carmen. I suspect the lyrics say something about the joys of robots serving ice cream.

Via Crunchgear

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