Clever flip phone turns into a tablet, but can it work?

If you're the type of person who carries around both a cell phone, and a tablet device like an iPad, wouldn't it be great if both could be combined in one compact device? That's the idea behind the Sony Ericsson FH concept.

The FH is a dual screen flip phone with a clever twist. The hinge allows you to position the two halves of the phone side by side, so that the screens line up and work like one bigger screen. Sounds cool, but won't there be a black line right down the middle of the screen at the split? The FH also lets you separate the two halves so you can use them as a pair of fancy walkie-talkies.

Like most concepts, the FH introduces a few technical hurdles that would be hard to jump, but there are some pretty cool ideas there that we might see on future phones.

Via Yanko Design

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