Amazing Tokyo two bedroom home is smaller than most garages

Getting the maximum possible use from a minimum amount of space is the key to living in Tokyo, so this tiny house uses an ingenious stacked box construction that creates its own storage space.

Architect Yasuhiro Yamashita's Cell Brick House uses 18-in by 36-in steel boxes, which he has bolted together in alternating rows with a frosted glass window between each pair to let natural light in. He then added ceramic tile cladding to insulate the structure from heat and cold. The two bedrooms, living room, and kitchen are spread over two floors connected by a spiral staircase, while a full basement and roof garden provide a little additional space. All this on a plot about the size of a typical American one car garage.

The boxes are open to the inside of the house, so their 12-in depth makes every interior surface into an endless wall of cubbies that can be used for storage. This means that not much furniture is needed to complete the home.

This is an impressive use of space, although I expect not having a clear view of the outside gets very claustrophobic. I suppose you can always escape to the roof garden.

Atelier Tekuto, via Inhabitat