$80,000 e-bike is way faster and cooler than your old push bike

Most electric bikes are really just like regular bikes, but with a motor to give you a little extra push for climbing hills on the long trip home. The BlackTrail BT-01 notches it up several levels, and can out run a lot of motorcycles.

Created by a German company called PG-Bikes, the carbon fiber BT-01's 1.2-kW electric motor can push the bike up to 62-mph, and has a range of over 100 miles on a full charge. It still has pedals, so the BT-01 is legally considered to be a bicycle, and therefore has no age limit, helmet, registration, or license requirement.

I can just see some rich parents buying this for junior to ride to school, although considering the mind-boggling $80,000 price tag, it would probably be cheaper to send him in a chauffeur-driven limo every day.

This looks like the perfect way to get to work really fast without upsetting the "green" crowd. Look for your favorite celebrities to be riding them soon.

The PG-Bikes Black Trail is available now, but act fast, only 667 will be built.

PG-Bikes, via Designboom

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