4 futuristic gadgets that would revolutionize our every day

What if you could carry your dishwasher like a briefcase? Or if your fridge was mounted on the outside of your home? How about a dishwasher you stick in the mud? It all sounds pretty crazy, but these four designers may make it a reality.

Electrolux — a company that aggressively pursues fresh and new designs from all comers — is showcasing its 2010 finalists for its annual design competitions. You'll see stuff like "External Refrigerator" in the video above, a concept by French-born Nicolas Hubert, who wants to take one of the kitchen's biggest space-wasters out of the picture.

Keep looking down the page, as we've got three more weird and awesome designs for you.

Check out the Dismount Washer by China's Lichen Guo:

Here's the "Bio Robot" refrigerator by designer Yuriy Dmitriev of Russia:

...and the Eco Cleaner by Ahi Andy Mohsen, a designer from Iran:

Via Electrolux

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